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Property Valuers Perth | Valuations WA
Valuations WA is an independent Perth property valuation and real estate consultancy company established in 1980.
To perform high quality building inspections and provide detailed, accurate and understandable reports.
The largest independent property valuation and advisory group in Australia. Provide a comprehensive range of valuation, research and advisory services which are used by financial institutions, solicitors, accountants, property developers and corporations.
Multi disciplinary close-knit team of land economists, valuers and urban planners, offers a comprehensive and integrated range of professional services.
Divided up into the following operating divisions residential, Commercial & Industrial, Rural & Lifestyle and Corporate & Advisory.
You will be able to get a good idea of what market conditions are in your area and what has sold in your neighbourhood recently.
Do not sell real estate or act as property sales agents. This ensures that we can provide YOU with a completely independent valuation and act in YOUR best interests.